My first book project, Boccaccio’s Open Book: Making Italian Literary Culture Between Dante and Petrarch, joins material philology to intellectual history in its exploration of Boccaccio’s autographs of Dante, Petrarch, and Cavalcanti in Chigi L V 176.

I have also explored Boccaccio’s autographs of both Apuleius and himself in an article, co-written with Marc Schachter, “Libido Sciendi: Apuleius, Boccaccio and the Study of the History of Sexuality,” PMLA 129 (2009): 817-37.

Other publications include:

“The Return to Philology and the Future of Literary Criticism: Reading the Temporality of Literature in Auerbach, Benjamin, and Dante.” California Italian Studies 2, Special Issue: Italian Futures

Petrarch Reading Boccaccio: Revisiting the Genesis of the Triumphi.” in Teodolinda Barolini and H. Wayne Storey, eds. Petrarch and the Textual Origins of Interpretation, 131-46 (Leiden: Brill, 2007),

“Boccaccio on Dante and Truth in Ferondo’s Purgatory (Decameron III.8)” in Pier Massimo Forni and Francesco Ciabattoni, eds. The Decameron: Third Day, (University of Toronto Press, forthcoming).

I have also contributed articles on Dante and Boccaccio to the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception.


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